Battle Boy: Open Fire Cover


‘Basically you’ll find yourself in the middle of a battle. There’ll be bullets firing, arrows flying, men fighting to the death, and anything from cannons and spears to battle axes and bombs…’


Napoleon Smythe is at the library when he receives a note that lures him into an extraordinary adventure. In the bowels of the building the librarian (actually an undercover special agent) is overseeing Operation Battle Book and Napoleon is her latest recruit. His assignment? To collect DNA from Sir Francis Drake in the Battle of Cadiz, Spain, 1587.


Battle Boy is not a never-seen-before scenario. There have been lots of kid spies in wildly implausible situations, but it is so jammed full of spectacular gadgets, historical characters, battle scenes and fun illustrations that, if you’re a primary school boy, you’ll eat it up and reach for the next in the series.


Battle Boy is the new Zac Power. It’s a training ground for future Anthony Horowitz and Matt Reilly readers. And it gives librarians a serious rock ‘n’ roll edge.


I’ll be hunting down an interview with author Charlie Carter for this blog in coming weeks and I’ll be looking to give away copies of the first two books, so check in soon.



4 Responses to “Battle Boy is Here”
  1. Angie M says:

    What a great review! Sounds like a book that heaps of boys will love.
    I totally trust Tristan B’s opinion and would read any book he recommends :-)

  2. Archie99 says:

    i dont like battle boy it sux. zac rulz 4eva.

  3. Lauren P says:

    Hmmm… am a little concerned about the violence in this book, Tristan. The beauty of books like Zac Power is that there isn’t any clear and present danger. Would think twice before getting my students on to this…

  4. mike07 says:

    Thanks for your comments on this post. Great to see some debate on what you like and don’t. I guess my Zac Power comment was probably more about the ability to entice reluctant readers than about tone. If anybody else has feelings on Battle Boy, I’d love you to leave a comment. Tristan.

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